Holland-based Ghanaian gospel musician Atta Patrick releases an album “Take control”

A Holland-based Ghanaian gospel musician Patrick Atta has recounted how he decided to persue his passion for music at age seventeen and how far he has come.

He attended Tweneboa Kodua Senior High School, where he got huge support from his seniors and colleagues who realized that he is musically talented.

He drew inspiration from the support and encouragement he received and decided to work hard in order to release his own album after school until his parents sent him abroad to continue his life.

Atta Patrick joined GAM TV were they perform stage drama along side music and also released his first album at the Church of Pentecost, two years after storming Holland.

Currently Atta Patrick has released his third album titled ‘Take control’ in March 2019, after released of two albums titled ‘Osagyefo’ and ‘Awieye ne Asem’.

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