Ebony Received Me With Joy – Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, the founding president of World Miracle Outreach-Lawrence Tetteh Ministries has recounted his recent meeting with Ghana’s fastest rising dancehall act, Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, aka Ebony Reigns as a very pleasant one.

Shortly after news broke about the demise of Ebony, the media reached out to Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, who is perhaps the very last public figure Ebony took a picture with – one that set social media ablaze last week – to hear about his encounter with the dancehall act.

In an interview with Jay Foley on LiveFM, Dr. Tetteh said “Ebony received me with Joy…. she was happy to have met with a man of God…., She showed me the uttermost respect you can imagine…”

Dr. Tetteh sent his heart felt condolence to her family urged believers to guard our lives with fear and trembling saying “anybody can be called anytime, if Ebony can die at the age of 20, anybody can… You don’t know under which circumcised God calls you…”

He added that for him to have taken time to take pictures with her shows how much happy she was talking to him. “I’ve said it always that this sportsmen, pop stars, footballers and other celebrities, when they meet us (Men of God), there is a way they relate to us and you can have the chance to speak into their life.”

Dr Tetteh declined on speaking about whether or not he felt/saw her demise coming saying it is a sensitive issue that he wouldn’t want to go into. He ended saying “Ebony is not the only person whose life i’ve spoken into, I have spoken into the lives of many other people.

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