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[Audio & Video] ABENA BADUAA – W’ADOM (Your Grace)

Abena Baduaa has again proved to all she is versatile in doing many genres of the Gospel Music. She brought to light in her new single ‘w’adom’ right after a trending mush-up of Hannah Marfo’s songs of ‘yen nsom obiara’.

W’adom’ the song produced by Jay Scratch which can be translated as ‘Your Grace’, is a song of appreciation and requesting God to make His grace be upon her so she can be strong in doing gospel music.

In the song, just as it is recorded in the Bible on several occasions and even in our times, the preaching of the Gospel is a Jesus encounter affair where the blind see, the lame walk, there is total transformation and most importantly, lives are saved.

Listen to the song below:

Watch the video (Abena Baduaa – Hannah Marfo Songs (mush-up) below:

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